A world of fog,

Grey, gloomy, ghastly,

Waiting for a ray of light

Strong enough to pierce the scene

And leave a little warmth in our hearts


Not today as it seems,

Longing, lonely, like lunatics

We stumble through life,

Seeing nothing but

A cloth of assumptions.


Oh what a frightening day,

Hopeless, harsh, haunting,

With remnants of knowledge

To guide our way, like

A liar guides the lost.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on November 28, 2006.

2 Responses to “Fog”

  1. To guide our way, like a liar guides the lost.
    I can only tell you what lines truly move and inspire me…making me think.
    If I was a true poet, I would say more.
    This one landed in the spam section for some reason. But I found it 🙂 and I am keeping both 🙂 . Thanks Michael.

  2. To guide our way, like
    A liar guides the lost.

    Love that line.
    I wish I understood this poem more.
    I am not a poet but I can truly appreciate words.
    I appreciate yours, fully…
    ps. if this comes up as a 2nd comment, feel free to delete it. I’ve commented 2X.

    Sometimes my lines write themselves. It has been foggy all day today, especially the morning train ride lacked any light. As I finished writing, I looked at what I had written and a metaphor emerged. But I’ll leave the readers to find theirs.

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