For when it gets dark around you

You apologise for who you are.


You justify what you do.


You question where you are.



Just for a moment,



‘Cause it’s ok.

Look at me.

YOU are ok.

YOU are beautiful.

YOU are powerful.

YOU are what you need be,

YOU have what it takes,

YOU are perfect.


I know you are scared.

We all are.

But it’s ok.

If you listen deep enough,

You’ll hear it,

You’ll see it,

You’ll feel it.


And if you

Right now

Cannot trust yourself,

Trust me.



~ by spasmicallyperfect on November 26, 2006.

5 Responses to “For when it gets dark around you”

  1. Very comforting words.
    It is a solace of sorts when we realize that there is a greater power in the universe that truly believes we are ‘perfect’ even though as humans we believe very differently.
    Nice, SP…

    Thank you and welcome back :-). I hope we don’t truly believe differently, we manage to see other humans as perfect, and in turn they see us as perfect, so really, we are all perfect, no?

  2. This poem is so pretty, and the last line is an effective and beautiful finish. I’m glad I found you!
    Thank you and welcome Diana. I am glad you liked it. Thank you also for your kind words, hope it stays that way 🙂 . SP

  3. Well, I think i’ve found my new Anthem. It was time to retire that angry little Dixie Chicks song anyway.
    Very inspiring post…one which I must say was read in the right moment.
    QL 😉
    “I am not ready to …lalala…. give up that song quite yet”, but this ‘anthem’ (thank you very much) is for those moments where the chicks can’t help. 🙂 .

  4. I love that poem

    Thank you my dear, glad you liked it……

  5. Thank you for writing it down, this fact that we all are scared. Thank you.

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving me a note. Remember, there is always light even in the dark spots, we just have to try harder to see it sometimes. Love your ‘avatar’ (hope that’s the right word)! Happy soaring !

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