A spasmicallyperfect e-mail from a spasmicallyperfect, old friend


Today I got a life sign from an old friend. Although I have been rather neglectful in keeping up our friendship, I got an unexpected e-mail from her. It’s so her that it painted a huge smile on my face:

“Years ago you gave me a pair of black, grey and white striped socks as a gift, do you remember? Now the heels are finally worn through completely with a big hole on both sides and I have to throw them out. Thought of you and wanted to let you know. I hope you are well. A big hug, F.”

Well, always said that I give quality gifts that last for a long time 🙂 . And as I ponder the simple beauty of her lines, it occurs to me how this could be about so much more then just socks. Gosh, I hope not.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on November 20, 2006.

One Response to “A spasmicallyperfect e-mail from a spasmicallyperfect, old friend”

  1. it sounds like a friend reaching out and saying ‘i miss you’ we lose touch with our friends for so many reasons – it’s nice to know that in some cases the friendship transcends whatever time passes between touch downs.
    ps: okay i posted that whole darn series for you and?????

    you make me laugh, love your passion, even if it results in a kick in my butt 😉 Will be right over

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