Priceless conversations

Over a glass of red wine

We bow our heads

And let our thoughts flow,

Freely and comfortably

Getting to know each other

In an effort to catch up

To an already existing familiarity

That exists between us.


Is it the wine or is it us?

I wonder while the waiter

Serves that doomed last glass.

My thoughts become blurred,

And my tongue too heavy

To give my words the

Grand presentation they deserve.

And you laugh.


“I am serious”, I protest.

I am serious.

And so are you.

I am right.

And so are you.

That’s the beauty of it all,

The beauty of our conversation,

A conversation badly needed.


At least on my part

As my life has this ability

Of taking over like shopping bags

Before Christmas.

So these moments are priceless,

The moments where time stands still

until we realize that we’re the only ones left

In a closing restaurant.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on November 16, 2006.

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