How my scary mind works

Today, I was standing in line behind a gentleman who in the side pocket of his backpack carried a yellow umbrella. Although this at first might not seem note-worthy, I did notice it immediately. There aren’t many lemon colored umbrellas, the reason I know that, is because I own one. I own one because I made a concious decision to buy it,  despite all the repulsive noise that advised me that doing so would be no fashion statement at all (how many of my clothes work with yellow, especially the ones I wear during bad weather?) and nobody has a completely yellow umbrella (there was only one at the store anyway, not because they were sold out but because stores also know that black sells better than yellow). But I chose to buy it, for the simple reason that during rainy, grey weather a little (ok fine, in this case lots of ) colour would brighten the day.

So, I have gotten over the inital hesitation and trying to convince myself that it’s not raining hard enough to merit unpacking an umbrella (especially a yellow one), and am now a proud yellow umbrella owner. And getting back to the beginning of the story, as a proud yellow umbrella owner, I am always looking for other proud yellow umbrella owners. This gentleman waiting in line was the first one.

Although really happy to have finally found one, I was a litte sad that it wasn’t raining and we couldn’t have met on the street, like two suns crossings eachother. With that image in mind (from a bird’s eye perspective) it would have looked liked two dots – or eyes – in a sea of black (ok fine, there might have been some dark blue or dark green ones too).

Two yellow dots on a black background…..  looking from above that could almost be the beginning of a smiley. And from there I started dreaming about the reverse, a sea of yellow umbrellas with a few black ones; big huge smiley faces in the rain!


~ by spasmicallyperfect on October 25, 2006.

4 Responses to “How my scary mind works”

  1. SP,

    You are a true ‘visionary’…
    I love the birdseye image.


  2. Thanks M,
    hope your next umbrella purchase will be a smiley one ;-).

  3. Loved it.Is yellow the perfect colour,think of
    sunflowers,especially Van Goghs. Submarines.Daffodils.

  4. Hello DaR, glad you liked it…. had fun writing it and yes, I like yellow too. So does Dad, he’s thinking of getting a yellow car 🙂

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