‘Pesky little wart’ or the creation of a new swear-word

Sometimes I am convinced that my brain was not created for intelligent or even rational thoughts. On the contrary, many times a thought or image pops up in my head without any particular trigger and it then takes all my intelligence to justify or rationalise the actual thought. I wish those thoughts were new scientific solutions, or pictures of the next lottery numbers, new money making inventions etc. They are not. So to give them some purpose at all, I am left with writing them down.

Like the thought that occurred to me today. Actually it was more like an expression.

“You pesky little wart!”

Now, I have to specify that this exclamation had nothing to do with actual warts but came to mind after thinking about a friend of mine.

So in order to explain why my brain spontaneously came up with that ‘compliment’ I can only assume one or all of the following:

A)     the word ‘idiot’ as well as ‘asshole’ is totally overused. Honestly, does anybody even notice those words anymore as they float by with the rest of the stream until it’s nothing more than water under the bridge? Also, I don’t truly believe anybody to be neither an idiot nor that other word that my mother taught me not to use, and as they don’t have any creative touch either, they serve no purpose. Quite frankly the only moment I might use them is to throw people off, ‘Can’t believe YOU actually said that, I thought you were a good girl’.

B)      Names of animals should never be used to bash human egos. I have no idea why especially Germanic languages think that goats, cows, donkeys, monkeys, pigs etc are stupid, they are not. As an animal rights activist I do not support the misuse of animal names.

C)      Although not visible to or shared with everyone (my image shows a wart on the underside of one of my smaller toes), the person in question, is part of my current emotional life, sometimes forgotten for moments of various lengths, other times painfully evident every step of the way. Depending on the strength of my motivation, I have power over them, as I squish them with my full body weight, other times they rule my life as I walk around on the heel end of my foot. Even though they (at present) could be perceived like an utter nuisance, the addition of the word ‘little’ can be considered a term of endearment, which dampens the crushing effect of that exclamation. Unless of course you are really mad, in which case ‘little’ can be used in a degrading kind of way.

To conclude this, I have to say that the longer I think about this spontaneous outburst, the more I realise, it fits the current circumstances around that person perfectly. Like me, this person has a some sense of humour. So as I am picturing myself, yelling ‘you pesky little wart’ at them, well, after the initial shock there would be no other remedy than both of us bursting out in stomachcrampcausing fits of laughter. And, that is just want one needs after venting to a friend.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on September 12, 2006.

2 Responses to “‘Pesky little wart’ or the creation of a new swear-word”

  1. I feel much as you in that asshole is overused to the point of nausia. I have tried replacing it with the ever popular fucktard or the rarer term fuckwidget. I feel that the ‘f’ word used in the right circumstances is both rewarding and to the point.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Fuzz.
    Well, I salute your effort for creativity. Never liked the ‘f’ word much myself, although I do agree that it too can be fittingly placed. And since I will be facing my dear Mum in person next week, I will remain from any further incrimidating comments on this matter.;-)

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