Middle of the night babble and chapeau Agassi!

2.12am. Ouch.

Have reached the point were I am getting stressed about having to come up with a day’s worth of energy in 4 hours, and having had a bit of a tough week, I feel completely depleted. Tried pretty much any of my usual ‘lull me to sleep’-methods, none of them are working. Now becoming stressed out about my mid-term performance review in which I will have to face my boss without enough sleep to feel as confident as one needs to feel sitting opposite of him, just to run off to an afternoon of training for which I feel unprepared for right after that is not helping at all.

Will all this matter 10 years from now? Not likely. So stop stressing. 

There are more important things. Like having seen one of the most incredible tennis matches ever. Other than once in a while – out of some weird patriotic feeling – watching Federer or Hingis in a final, I don’t really watch tennis anymore. But Agassi is the last man standing from the ‘good old days of tennis’ (in a truly respectful manner of the word ‘old’ and in a freaked out manner that I am actually old enough to say something like that) and I wanted to see his last match.

Well, today wasn’t it. And after watching those two incredible performances, making it through tomorrow, sorry today, should be  a walk in the park. Energy is one thing, determination is another.

Ok, time to try sleeping again. Should my babble make no sense at all, well, what does one expect at 2.46am!


~ by spasmicallyperfect on September 1, 2006.

2 Responses to “Middle of the night babble and chapeau Agassi!”

  1. I can relate to the lack of decent sleep.
    This has been the week from hell for me too in terms of my sleeping habits (or lack thereof).
    Everything is cyclical.
    And sacred sleep eventually returns…
    Hope the review went ok.


  2. Thanks, yes, they’ll pay me a year more 😉

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