Full circle

I remember a time
when I sat across from you
shivering from the intensity of your presence,
hanging from your lips, frightened by my dreams and hopes,
having so much to say and yet unable to find my words,
or so it felt, I think, as it was a long, long time ago.

Today, again, I am sitting across of someone,
not you, someone else
and I recognise myself from that long long time ago,
but this time, the roles have changed
and although I do not feel at all as if I am you,
although I feel as much myself as I ever have,
I see my counterpart across the table,
nervous, scrambling for words.
I cannot help but smile one of those far into the heart reaching smiles.
Who would have thought the tables would turn like this?
I know I didn’t.
But you knew.
Just like I now know that my friend will one day be sitting in my spot.
And with that we once again will have gone full circle.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on August 26, 2006.

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