Scenes from the train

A longing passion lies over the earth where the trees shiver as the wind’s warm hands caress their naked arms. They stand tall in their natural beauty, naked and fragile and yet strong, silently proud watching over the planet and holding it together.


Morning mist lies over the patchwork of dark green and brown fields from which the golden Fall trees shine their sombre light. The remnants of a year well lived are scattered through the plains. It’s a peaceful waiting mood as the earth reaches out for her last embrace before a long winter’s sleep.


It’s another beautiful train ride this morning, a thin layer of clouds is to be seen over the horizon. Most of the leafs have been blown away by the strong weekend winds, the grass however still looks like a lush blanket of moss as the sun breaks out into the clear sky. I am going to miss the colours.  


The string of clouds turn the morning sky into a blanket of spread out cotton candy; pink and blue flavoured. The powder sugar coated ground still lies in it’s peaceful sleep as the light announces a beautiful day. To the east a line of darker cauliflower clouds hover over the horizon. Within an instant, easily missed behind the headlines of yesterday’s news, their silhouette is lined with orange-golden trim announcing the arrival of the sun. The early winter landscape is soaked into a warming glow that reaches through the window of our travelling train into my soul.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on February 6, 2006.

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