Mum and Dad

We are not that different you and me,
Your face counts more smiles and frowns than mine,
Your body has walked more steps on this earth,
Your eyes can see beyond life’s plays.
My lifelong goal of not becoming you is fading
Against the reality of every passing year,
It’s not as easy as I thought it to be,
And ever day I find another piece of you in me.
They say that when a mother carries a child,
The unborn sends new cells into her brain,
To ensure the survival of it’s only source of life.
So maybe we raised each other,
Maybe you’ve seen that my way works just fine,
While I realise that life doesn’t always go my way,
“Why don’t you just” has turned into “why can’t I just”.
As respect and understanding grow,
the love remains unchallenged.
There’s something else, a special fondness
that I haven’t felt before and yet
I recognise it as a natural development
Between a mother and her daughter.

As strange as it seems, you’re my first memory,
Sitting on your arm, my head leaning against your chest,
You were thin back then and still had hair,
I remember loving your voice, it was rough and strong,
And yet I could always hear your heart in it,
Your big heart, the one few people see,
I knew it was there from the very beginning.
Raised by four women to be a man, you turned out a hero,
The unmistaken father figure, the main provider,
The man who didn’t have all the money in the world,
But gave me what I needed.
You were always there to welcome me home
Whether it was from a field trip,
A Saturday night out in the big city
Or another flight discovering the world,
You were always waiting for me,
To pick me up from any adventure,
I never had to ask, not once in 30 years.
“Welcome back kiddo, did you have a good time?”
I know you won’t be able to go on forever,
I won’t see your waving hand wherever I arrive.
Still I know you’ll make it there somehow because you’re you
and you’ve never missed me coming home.
I love you Dad.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on January 29, 2006.

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