Valentine’s day

Rainy and grey day, with a hint of Valentine’s red,
wet shoes and wind-styled hair, no smiles on the street
except for the people who still see beauty,
in sharing an umbrella with good company.
Then the split, and I carry my own,
and I wonder how she did it, Mary Poppins I mean,
I can hardly hold on, not to mention fly away,
too strong the wind, too weak my hand,
and nothing of Julie Andrew’s graciousness.

I keep fighting with the wind and this puddle stares at me,
I stare back until I notice the lack of raindrop rings.
And in the moment of “why I am wrestling the umbrella when it’s
not even raining anymore” I loosen my grip for a second only,
and it flies away, without me, a dancing drop of colour against
the stormy canvas.

What a beautiful, funny sight…..


~ by spasmicallyperfect on February 14, 2005.

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